Queens Beach North Boat ramp gives yakers easy access to the northern part of the peninsula through to the very productive Scarborough Reef. The artificial "Turner Reef" (constructed in early 2015) is 2 kilometres North East of the ramp and should be holding good stocks of fish by Christmas 2015. The boat ramp is located at the end of Griffith Road and gives an easy launch except in winds over 10 knots.

For those with a GPS/Google Earth/Maps, the launching ramp is here: 27° 12.620'S 153° 7.017'E

Coordinates for the six clumps of structure at Turner Artificial Reef are:

  • 27° 11.660'S  153° 7.804'E
  • 27° 11.705'S  153° 7.732'E
  • 27° 11.703'S  153° 7.813'E
  • 27° 11.834'S  153° 7.724'E
  • 27° 11.851'S  153° 7.783'E
  • 27° 11.887'S  153° 7.747’E

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